Opinion: How long before an iPhone completely replaces standalone cameras?

There’s a photographer’s saying that the best camera is the one you have on you at the time. It’s no use having the best pro DSLR in the world if it’s sitting at home when you spot a photo opp.

The camera most people have on them at the time is … the iPhone. Apple has stated on more than one occasion that the iPhone is the world’s most popular camera, and the evidence supports this claim. A year ago, for example, Flickr shared the top 20 cameras used by its members, and not only did the iPhone 6 top the list, but various iPhones took eight of the 20 slots.

For many, an iPhone is their only camera. But there are still many others who have one or more standalone cameras – myself among them. What is it those cameras can do that the iPhone can’t, and how long before an iPhone is the only camera we’ll ever need … ?


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